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Cruise Control by evergreenwriter R
The sequel to With the Band. After one crazy summer, Olivia couldn't...

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Welcome to BSBFanFic.Com, formerly known as My Confession. We are a Backstreet Boys fan fiction site that has been around in some shape or form while keeping the Backstreet pride alive since 1999. Now we've taking a little trip around the Block. You can find our Backstreet Boys fan fiction here with stories featuring Nick Carter, Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, Danny Wood and Jon Knight.

Beware, the name might be,  we kind of love those New Kids.

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Halfway There is complete

Just posted Chapter 33 of "Halfway There" and that means it's the end of the story! So let us know what you think and what you think is going to happen in the sequel... because yes, there is a sequel. :)

by MyConfession on 03/30/15 03:07 am


That lasted two weeks! -

Sometimes you put your foot in your mouth. Even though I have a big foot, I did that this time. Sort of.

My Confession is still going to be a part of BoysOnTheBlock.Com, but due to server issues and the fact that BOTB was way too powerful for the server that we were on, we had to move to another one - that could only handle Wordpress sites and the resources they use.

Therefore, we had to have a domain name for this again and being that I want to kind of move on from My Confession.... we went simple - We will still be My Confession in a way because we aren't changing anything with that. It's just a name. A domain name. We'll still be what annoys some people. And that's okay.

We have all been really busy with life, health issues, school, work, etc. but we are still committed to writing fan fiction and getting things back going again.

by Staff on 03/19/15 11:23 pm


Times they are a changin'...

Since hell, 1999 or 2000, I've owned the domain name. Except for two or three years, it's always been mine and it will continue to be.

But it won't always point to here.

With the success of Boys On The Block, and the fact that it's a boy band blog, with, let's face it, mostly Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block content, why not make MC a part of it? The three of us that mostly write on here are all busy with our own lives and we don't get to write as much as we want to. But that doesn't mean the site is going anywhere. The stories here will always be here. And yes, we will continue to write and update when we can. Hannah/Pengi is always writing and myself and Lisa have almost a whole other story waiting to be posted.

From here on out, the site's URL is Over the next week, the layout will be updated a little. But it won't MERGE with BOTB, just a part of the family.

The old domain address will point to the site until the end of the month when I stop it.

So let's all make this into something cool and new together. <3

by MyConfession on 03/08/15 04:43 am


Have a Wattpad account? No? Get one!

Have you ever heard of Wattpad? It's a place where authors can share their stories - from fan fiction to original fiction. In fact, it's the place where one One Direction fan fiction was found and turned into a published book that's on the New York Times' Bestseller list.

So Hannah and K decided to join! Follow them at the link below and you mind find some things on their profiles that aren't posted here at MC. Maybe we can talk Lisa isn't joining. :)

Follow Blockstreet (K/MyConfession) & Writerbrat (Hannah/Pengi)

Note: They have an awesome app for iphones, etc. that you can use to read stories and even get notifications when stories are updated. Check it out!

by MyConfession on 02/13/15 04:20 am